GoKey Investment DAO

GoKey DAO is growing community of unique individuals who pool professional expertise, financial resources and collective management decisions to drive new value creation in real estate. 

Community Owned and Managed Real Estate

GoKey DAO is designed for everyday people who are determined to explore the enormous potential of tokenized economies to enable cooperatively owned and managed property investments. 

We’re even making it possible for our Members to start their own legally compliant real estate investment subDAOs!

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GoKey Real Estate Investment DAO

Own Real World Assets and Enjoy the Benefits

GoKey DAO is committed to building the digital platform our community needs to effectively co-own, co-manage and generally enjoy unique real estate investment opportunities.

A Wyoming DAO Limited Liability Company

GoKey has formed the primary legal structure for its DAO in the State of Wyoming, USA.

Wyoming’s innovation of the Member managed DAO LLC is representative of the State’s forward thinking leadership in the blockchain space, and takes a major leap forward in legally recognizing DAOs while providing them with similar legal authority and protections as conventional LLCs.

GoKey DAO is an incredible community where Members can meet like-minded investors, and create and propose investment opportunities of their own.

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