The GoKey Token

$GOKEY is the native governance, payment, and utility token of the GoKey ecosystem.

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Tokenomics and Utility

Token distribution model focused on end users

GoKey’s core mission is to help people who want to own a good place to live while building long-term financial security. We think that starts with distributing GOKEY tokens as fairly and publicly as possible. 

The GOKEY token is used to determine voting power in GoKey DAO and to pay for GoKey platform services and associated future utilities.

Need to swap your GOKEY v1 for the upgraded $GOKEY tokens?

On April 12, 2024, GoKey issued its upgraded ecosystem token and airdropped the current version of $GOKEY to our token holders owning 50k or more v1 tokens.

If you held less than 50k v1 tokens at the time of the snapshot, you are eligible to claim 1 GOKEY v2 token for every 100 v1 tokens you held in your wallet.

It’s super easy to claim your upgraded GOKEY tokens! Head over to, enter you wallet address, and check you Dropz! 

Follow the instructions and your new GOKEY tokens will be in your wallet within a minute or two!


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