Stake Digital Assets

As an entirely new type of online real estate platform, GoKey leverages blockchain technology to greatly improve the speed, security and cost-effectiveness of peer-to-peer real estate finance and investments. 

GoKey provides opportunities for digital asset owners to earn valuable rewards while helping to increase network security and decentralization.

Stake ADA to earn GOKEY

Staking your ADA cryptocurrency provides essential transaction validation for the distributed ledger technology underlying the GoKey platform.

GoKey operates a stake pool on the Cardano blockchain that provides a critical service to this industry-leading Proof-of-Stake network.

Why stake your ADA with us?

  • Earn valuable GOKEY tokens and claim them every 5 days at
  • Maintain custody and control of your ADA. We never lock up or control your assets!
  • Support the growth and innovations of the GoKey community.
  •  Make a real and meaningful contribution to the security and decentralization of the Cardano blockchain.

Farm GOKEY at Minswap DEX

Provide liquidity to the ADA/GOKEY trading pair at Minswap DEX to yield additional GOKEY rewards! New farm coming soon…

Stake GOKEY at VyFi DEX

Provide liquidity to the ADA/GOKEY trading pair to yield additional GOKEY and VYFI token rewards!

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