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Access to property ownership has rarely been harder to achieve. GoKey helps you level the playing field and get ahead of the game.

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GoKey provides the tools and structure you need to effectively co-invest in real estate with friends, family or community.

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Connect with like-minded buyers and sellers who understand the value of secure, peer-to-peer creative financing strategies.

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Acquire, earn and stake digital assets designed to hold their value in relation to housing and real estate market price trends.

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Your Questions Answered

In compliance with US regulations, only current members of GoKey’s private community have access to upcoming investment club opportunities. To learn how to join, visit here.

Yes, everything at GoKey operates in full compliance with all applicable US laws 🙂

GoKey’s community-driven investment platform currently operates under the US SEC’s safe-harbor exemption for Investment Clubs. Investment clubs are not permitted to publicly advertise open investment opportunities. 

Learn more about the SEC’s published guidance for exempt Investment Clubs here.

GoKey’s goal is to help improve access to property ownership for everyday people. 

Two of our favorite creative financing strategies for prospective homeowners who may not have access to conventional bank financing are Owner Financing and Lease-Purchase Agreements. These tried-and-true financial arrangements, typically directly between Buyer and Seller, involve leveraging and exchanging equity that already exist in a property, are great strategies for renters to become property owners.

GoKey’s platform strives to bring creative-minded Buyers and Sellers together in our 2-sided marketplace, where they can arrange peer-to-peer financing, and, eventually, utilize GoKey’s digital smart contracts (under development) to securely initiate and perform the obligations of their financing agreements, along with eventual transfer of legal property title once both parties’ obligations have been met.

Check out our peer-to-peer financing marketplace here!

Actually, we don’t.

While GoKey does have the goal of improving potential Buyers’ access to affordable real estate ownership, there is not much we can do about a property’s current market value, rental rate or asking price. However, when you consider all variables that go into determining a property’s current price, you will see that other key considerations such as interest rate, down payment, loan term and other conditions have a major impact on overall affordability. 

By realizing the benefits of being flexible on these other financing-related terms and conditions of a property sale for both Buyer and Seller, true win-win arrangements can be negotiated that add value for both parties. This is where GoKey’s platform can add tremendous value and create new ownership opportunities for users (or properties) that may not fit into the mold of conventional mortgage loan underwriting criteria.

No, we’re not necessarily trying to eliminate real estate agents and other transactional intermediaries.

GoKey’s goal is to empower our users with knowledge, tools and resources to have a more direct role in searching for and locating a great property, and in negotiating win-win pricing, terms and financing with other platform users.

Some users may appreciate the do-it-yourself approach, and the significant cost savings that can come with it. Other users may prefer to work with an experienced agent who can add value to their transactions. We like working with good real estate agents, and believe they should be compensated professionally. 

In addition, some real estate agents may discover GoKey financing opportunities for certain clients that may not have existed for them conventionally, making it possible for their client to become a property owner, and for the agent to close a sale and earn a commission.

If you are a real estate agent looking to do more deals for your clients and investors utilizing creative financing, please get in touch!

Currently, non-US investors may participate in GoKey Community private investment clubs on a case-by-case basis, and subject to standard KYC/AML checks and jurisdictional tax reporting requirements, except where expressly prohibited in investor’s country of residence.

Currently, GoKey peer-to-peer financing is available to non-US citizens, but use of the platform is discouraged in jurisdictions where prohibited by law.

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